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Multiple risks management of extreme events in fast growing (mega)cities in Myanmar

In the framework of promotion of sustainable development (FONA) and the funding line “sustainable development of urban regions (NUR)” the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) funds the four-stage R&D project „Multiple risks management of extreme events in fast growing (mega)cities in Myanmar“. The joint research project addresses disaster risk reduction (DRR) and prevention of multiple risks in Yangon, Myanmar. The aim of the project is the reduction of negative socio-economic and personal consequences for the urban population after natural hazards. Additionally, scientific concepts for the safeguarding of a basic infrastructure will be elaborated and implemented onsite.

Currently the transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research project is in the stage of the 18-month definition phase. Within this project phase the collaboration of German and Myanmar partners as well as the elaboration of a transregional research and implementation network will be ensured. The collection data on previous tropical cyclones, floods and earthquakes in Myanmar, as well as the systematic processing of risk-related data provides insights on the past disaster management and the consequences of such extreme events as well as improvements on DRM. The collection and analysis of primary quantitative and qualitative primary data serves to improve risk communication concepts and to elaborate of local DRR concepts. The knowledge and implications of this project phase provide the basis for the following R&D project phase and the finalizing implementation phase.


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